In Russia, they want to make public transport free, and personal transport paid

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The updated draft transport strategy of the Ministry of Transport says that by 2035 public transport in Russia will become free.

According to RBC, the information was confirmed by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Free buses, trolleybuses, metro are possible only with the introduction of the “user pays” mechanism for all categories of motorists.

Tolls on regional roads will be charged from 2025, and from 2035 they want to introduce payments for “all categories of road users.” The document does not indicate whether there will be a toll on a private car on all types of roads.

The document says that the changes are intended to stimulate “the use of public transport and reduce the use of private transport in large cities.” In the provinces, they want to stimulate travel on non-motorized modes of transport, and in areas of mass development – to develop off-street transport.

The Ministry of Transport referred to research, which says that public transport is less popular than personal transport.

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