In Russia, they proposed to introduce a fine for parking on the lawn and driving on it

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According to the draft article 16.9 “Violations of requirements in the field of landscaping” in the new Code of Administrative Offenses, it is planned to impose a fine of up to 3 thousand rubles for parking on lawns and driving on them. On Tuesday, October 6, RIA Novosti reports.

“Stopping (parking) of vehicles, except for special vehicles used for landscaping works, at children’s playgrounds and sports grounds, sports and playgrounds, recreation areas, on lawns, flower beds and other areas occupied by green spaces, as well as travel vehicles for the specified objects entails a warning or the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of 1.5 thousand to 3 thousand rubles, ”the project says.

Currently, federal law does not establish penalties for these actions. The legality of bringing the car owner to justice is determined based on local laws and regulations.

A similar fine is provided for washing cars in the wrong places and storing “auto junk” in the yards.

A large fine from 20 thousand to 25 thousand rubles for legal entities and from 1.5 to 3 thousand rubles for citizens is threatened for untimely or poor-quality cleaning of courtyards and entrances.

According to Irina Rukavishnikova, a member of the working group for finalizing the draft Code of Administrative Offenses, the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation, in the first edition of the draft Code on Administrative Offenses, a separate article on violations in the field of landscaping and creating a comfortable living environment in any settlement of Russia was not provided at all. However, as the senator noted, it is very important for the regions and especially municipalities “that such a composition appears in the new code and is easily administered.” Therefore, in the present version, such an article appeared and includes seven universal sub-clauses, reflecting “practically all the needs to restore order in this area.”

Rukavishnikova added that not only federal or regional government bodies will be able to administer offenses in this area, but also authorized employees of municipalities who see such offenses every day, but still did not have sufficient powers to suppress and prevent them.

The parliamentarian stressed that “this is all the more important because Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a recent meeting with senators, stressed that creating a comfortable urban environment and coziness in any settlement is an important task, for the solution of which funds will be allocated in the coming years federal budget “.

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