In one of the shopping centers of Astrakhan, a raid was held to identify “mask-free”

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Compliance with the mask regime, according to experts, is one of the main principles of the life of any person during a pandemic.

Coming out of quarantine, many Astrakhan residents, for some unknown reason, decided that the pandemic was over – and together took off their masks, stepping towards the fresh air without restrictions. However, we are in a hurry to upset the lovers of unsafe walks without personal protective equipment, in the Astrakhan region there is still a mask regime, and for the absence of a mask, you may well get a serious fine.

Another raid was carried out by representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Police and Rospotrebnadzor, checking how Astrakhan residents comply with the mask regime in the Yarmarka shopping center, whether they use and have free access to antiseptics, as well as the presence of special markings for social distance. Unfortunately, it was not done without penalties – in total, 15 protocols on administrative violation were made for trade workers.

The inspection team checked the Yarmarka shopping center

By the way, this is not the last raid on public places – the governor’s administration said that the checks would continue, and, possibly, become tougher.

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