In Omsk, looking for a man who took off his panties in front of a 6-year-old girl

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In Omsk, the police are looking for an exhibitionist who scared a six-year-old girl with his actions.

According to “Channel 12” of the regional TV, the child’s mother wrote a statement against the pervert. She said that in broad daylight, a stranger in the courtyard of the house called her daughter into the bushes. When the girl came running to the call, the man bared her genitals in front of her, hoping to see an acute emotional reaction in the child and thus get self-satisfaction.

The press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the suspect was caught on surveillance cameras. This is a man of average build, 175-180 cm tall. The man was wearing a medical mask, light-colored pants, a blue T-shirt, and a baseball cap.

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