In Novosibirsk, the general director of the company was accused of large embezzlement

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The general director of Novosibmetall OJSC decided to give his acquaintance “some extra money”: in 2009 he arranged for her to be a dispatcher in this company, and for 9 years the woman received money without even appearing in the service. Thus, the head of the company squandered 1.1 million rubles belonging to the joint-stock company.

When the fact of fictitious employment was discovered, the general director of Novosibmetall, now the former, was put on trial. He was found guilty of embezzlement on an especially large scale using his official position and sentenced to a conditional imprisonment of 3.5 years. However, he will have to compensate for the damage to OJSC KF Novosibmetal not conditionally, but in the most real way – this circumstance is also stipulated in the verdict of the Kirovsky District Court.

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