In Novodvinsk, a kindergarten teacher was convicted of cruelty to children

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A court in Novodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, sentenced the former kindergarten teacher to compulsory work for 400 hours and compensation for moral damage for child abuse. This was announced on Thursday, August 6, in a statement from the regional prosecutor’s office.

“The magistrate of the judicial district No. 1 of the Novodvinsky judicial district of the Arkhangelsk region agreed with the position of the state prosecution and found the former teacher of the Kindergarten“ Raduga ”32-year-old Elena Ponomareva guilty of committing a crime under Art. 156 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, namely, in the improper fulfillment of responsibilities for the upbringing of four minors who are pupils of this preschool educational institution, combined with cruel treatment with them, “the message says.

In addition to 400 hours of compulsory work, Ponomareva is prohibited from teaching for three years. She will also be charged a fine of 120 thousand rubles for moral damage.

It is noted that from January to April 2019, Ponomareva punished four kindergarten inmates using force: the teacher took the children by the hair with her hand, forced them to sit on a chair and left them alone in the food distribution area. In particular, she stabbed the girl in the face with her palm and pinched her on the cheek, and poured water into the boy’s ear using a medical syringe.

On June 23, a criminal case was opened against a 35-year-old woman on charges of child abuse.

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