In Moscow, doctors left a seriously ill veteran in the entrance after treatment with COVID

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In Moscow, a 97-year-old participant in the Battle of Stalingrad was discharged from the hospital in serious condition, where she was being treated for coronavirus. Medical workers took her home and left her at the entrance, REN TV reported on Friday, October 23.

The TV channel published a video from surveillance cameras, the footage shows how a woman on a gurney is taken out of a medical service car and rolled into the entrance.

As it became known, initially the pensioner turned to doctors because of a broken leg, but she was also diagnosed with a coronavirus. After the woman was admitted to the hospital, the veteran’s son lost contact with her, as her mobile phone sat down and there was no charge.

The latest coronavirus test results from the pensioner were negative, but she continued to be in serious condition after suffering an illness. Despite this, the hospital staff decided to discharge her home.

Arriving at the house on Vuchetich Street, where the patient lives, the medical service found out that the door of the apartment was locked, and her son was not at home. The man did not know that his mother was being discharged and left, and the woman’s keys and documents remained in the medical facility.

Social service officers called him and called the Emergencies Ministry employees. The rescuers, in turn, decided to call the police, whose employees refused to open the apartment and agreed to wait for the arrival of the woman’s son.

As a result, before the arrival of her son, the woman lay in the entrance for six hours, while it turned out that the pensioner’s documents were in her bag, but due to her age she either did not remember or did not know at all.

In April, a 48-year-old Muscovite died on a bench near her home, where she was left by medical personnel after being discharged from a Moscow hospital.

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