In Mari El, the bailiff caught the debtor and convinced him to serve the sentence

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A resident of Mari El had to do compulsory work instead of finding work in the capital of the republic.

In the Kuzhenerskiy district department of bailiffs, enforcement proceedings were underway against a local resident to recover alimony from him for the maintenance of a minor child.

Until 2020, the man transferred money to his ex-wife, but then he stopped. He was sentenced to 60 hours of compulsory labor. But he did not appear at work, and the bailiff could not find him.

The child’s mother revoked the executive document. Thus, the bailiff could no longer demand the payment of alimony, but no one canceled the punishment.

The problem was solved before the New Year. The bailiff accidentally saw her “ward” at a bus stop: he was waiting for a minibus to Yoshkar-Ola. He had a large bag in his hands, from which the bailiff concluded that he was leaving for a long time.

First of all, she went to the bus driver and explained that the passenger would not go anywhere. And then she invited the man to go to the bailiffs department. He agreed.

In the department, the man received a working order. He was also warned that if he again avoided work, he would face a more severe punishment. After that, the man decided to postpone his trip to the city and worked his 60 hours, the press service of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia for the Republic of Mari El reported.

Recall yesterday MK in Mari El said that on February 8, the announcement of the verdict of the ex-head of Mari El will begin.

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