In Kozmodemyansk, the house of the merchant Sveshnikov is being restored

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In the building of the city library of Kozmodemyansk, which is located in an old house that once belonged to the merchant Alexei Sveshnikov, restoration work is underway.

The restoration of the cultural heritage site is carried out within the framework of the plan of the main events dedicated to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Mari El. The cost of the work will be over 10 million rubles.

The head of the regional Ministry of Culture, Konstantin Ivanov, got acquainted with the progress of the restoration today. The head of the culture department, Irina Kapustina, told the official that the building will have to carry out interior decoration and restore window openings. The builders will also equip a vertical lift for disabled citizens.

As we wrote earlier, the head of Mari El, Alexander Evstifeev, supervised the implementation of large-scale projects in Kozmodemyansk.

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