In Kostroma, traffic light poles will also become multi-colored

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The Kostroma State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, in agreement with the city administration, will take one more step towards strengthening road safety from today, namely, it will arrange traffic light fixtures with LED strips in places with heavy traffic and pedestrian crossings.

The ribbons will be placed on the traffic light mounts and will alternately light up in the same color as the traffic lights themselves – red, green and yellow.

From 11 to 13 August, traffic lights at the intersection of Kalinovskaya Street and Prospekt Mira will receive a new design, as well as at the intersection of Sovetskaya Street (where one of the pedestrian crossings has already been “painted”) and Podlipaeva Street. Then the traffic light supports at the intersection of Profsoyuznaya and Chernogorskaya streets, as well as in the area of ​​one of the shopping centers on Kineshemskoye highway, will become multi-colored.

Work on the installation of LED strips will be carried out at night by the employees of the MKU of the city of Kostroma “Road Facilities”. Drivers are asked to be especially careful when driving on these streets in the coming days.

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