In Kostroma, they found a mortar shell from the war … and immediately lost it

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Last night, on 9 Rabochaya Street, a certain Kostroma found an object that looked similar to a mortar shell. He did not touch it, but … he photographed it and posted the photo on the VKontakte social network in the “Overheard in Kostroma” group.

The police officers, who are also browsing the page of this community, promptly tracked down and interrogated the author of the photo, especially since in this place now land works are really being carried out and something like that could really be found along the way.

But – alas! – in the place where the mysterious object was seen yesterday, today it was no longer there. Someone, apparently, has already picked up this object … and probably made sure that this mine is nothing more than a piece of iron.

Which is more than likely – after all, there were no battles in our area, and mortar shells were actually produced in Kostroma … but they were equipped with explosives and fuses in other places.

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