In Karelia, women took revenge on the driver who did not give them a ride for free

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A 28-year-old resident of Petrozavodsk contacted the police in the Prionezhsky district, who said that the body of his car had suffered from the actions of an unknown woman.

It turned out that one evening the man was returning to Petrozavodsk. Three women stood by the road and caught a ride. The young man did not stop, and shoes flew into his car. He decided to calm the raging ladies. However, they immediately surrounded the driver and began to insist that he take them to the city for free. After the refusal, one of the women jumped on the hood and damaged the body. The damage amounted to 16 thousand rubles.

The district commissioner managed to identify the suspect – a 32-year-old city woman, who attributed her behavior to upset feelings and alcohol intoxication.

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