In Kaluga, two streets were left without heat due to damage to the gas pipeline

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In Kaluga on Friday, December 25, residential buildings of two streets were left without heat due to damage to the gas pipeline. The damage was caused by the construction company, the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office reports.

“On behalf of the prosecutor of the Kaluga region in Kaluga, an inspection was initiated on the fact of damage by a construction company to an underground street gas pipeline, which led to the shutdown of heating in residential buildings in the private sector on Yanovskikh and Mikhailovskaya streets,” the press service said.

The prosecutor’s office took personal control over the elimination of damage and restoration of heat supply in the affected houses. If there are grounds, the prosecutor’s response will be taken based on the results of the inspection.

A similar incident occurred on October 15 on the Right Bank of Kaluga. During excavation work on laying an electric cable along Fomushin Street, a medium-pressure gas pipeline was damaged. Then more than 4.5 thousand citizens were left without gas, heat and hot water.

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