In Kalmykia, the state of the only capital pond will be checked

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The Prosecutor’s Office of the city of Elista is checking information about the pollution of the Kolonsky pond.

In the course of monitoring publications in the mass media, the city supervisory authority found a video clip “PE Kalmykia Elista Kolonsky” posted on the Internet on a YouTube channel. It talks about the problem of pollution of the Kolonsky pond, the only reservoir in the Kalmyk capital, intended for mass recreation and bathing of townspeople.

In particular, the author of the video reports that in the fall a lot of snow fell, which, together with garbage, mud and reagents, was taken out of urban areas and dumped on a hill near the Kolonsky pond. Together with the melting snow, all this mass of sewage now flows into it.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Elista organized a verification of the facts set out in the video and the fulfillment by municipal bodies of federal legislation on the protection and proper maintenance of recreation intended for mass recreation of the population. According to the results, if necessary, appropriate measures will be taken, the Prosecutor’s Office of Kalmykia reports.

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