In Germany, school uniforms are taught in winter: scarves, hats and gloves

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In the cold season in Germany, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Spartan temperatures will reign in classrooms. In order to prevent infection, experts recommend airing the room every 20 minutes. Hats and gloves in classrooms will become commonplace.

After the fall break, students and their teachers will need to dress warmly. The Ministry of Health strongly recommends airing classrooms every 20 minutes. This requirement was not a problem in the summer. But in the cold season, it will become more difficult to ventilate. Students will have to put on several layers of clothing. Suzanne Lin-Klitzing, chair of the German Association of Philologists, also calls for warm clothing and blankets to be a must in classrooms.

President of the German Teachers Association Heinz-Peter Meidinger welcomed the presence of blankets and other warm clothes in the classrooms. He stated that no one is thrilled with these measures, but there is probably no other way if it is necessary to ventilate the room every 20 minutes at sub-zero temperatures. However, schools say that it is not always possible to fulfill this requirement. Representatives of teachers’ associations have repeatedly criticized the fact that many windows in schools do not open. At best, they can be knocked over. Some windows are hammered with nails or screws for safety reasons.

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