In Germany, 500 euros will be paid for fast Internet

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Residents of Germany with slow internet will soon be able to receive vouchers for 500 euros to establish a satellite, – said Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. “In this way, we could provide high-speed internet to about 200,000 households across the country overnight and enable them to fully participate in the digital process so important during the pandemic,” – said the politician in an interview with the Funke media group.

During a hard lockdown, extremely slow internet is a problem for anyone working from home or distance learning. The problem can be solved by providing vouchers, with the help of which interested households could connect to high-speed Internet via satellite in a short time. This is especially important for families living in the outskirts, where projects to finance high-tech networks have not yet been implemented.

Who exactly has the right to receive a gift certificate, there is no information at the moment.

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