In France, two schoolchildren were suspected of aiding a terrorist

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In France, an investigation is underway into two schoolchildren who helped a terrorist near Paris to identify a teacher who insulted Muslims. On Wednesday, October 21, the head of the country’s anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office, Jean-Francois Ricard, told about this.

Minors are suspected of “complicity in a murder committed for terrorist reasons,” reports RTL.

As noted by the prosecutor, a total of 16 people were detained within the framework of the case, nine of them were released, including three out of five detained minors.

“In relation to seven people, including two minors aged 14 and 15, it was decided tonight to start a judicial investigation in connection with complicity in a murder committed in connection with terrorist activities,” the prosecutor explained.

Ricard noted that the attacker knew the teacher’s name, but was not able to identify the victim.

“This was only possible with the assistance of the college students,” he said, adding that the terrorist had offered two students a reward of approximately € 300-350 and they helped him identify the teacher.

On October 16, an attacker killed history professor Samuel Pati at Conflans-Saint-Honorine College, allegedly for the fact that the teacher in early October, speaking about freedom of speech and opinion, showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

French President Emmanuel Macron called the attack on the professor a terrorist act and stressed that “obscurantism and the accompanying violence will not win.” As part of the investigation, the police detained nine people.

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