In Evpatoria, public hearings on the Park Zabava project ended in scandal

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According to Kryminform, on August 10 in Evpatoria, on the basis of the school of arts, public hearings were held on the improvement of the park named after Frunze. The local residents were dissatisfied with the outcome of the discussion, as well as with the procedure for holding it.

Public figures and deputies, commenting on the situation to the agency, focused on smart young people, supposedly security guards. The interlocutors emphasized that the guys behaved rudely, sometimes they used force. The audience did not get a lot of people who wanted to speak.

“We see SUCH SECURITY was brought specially for the townspeople! There was no such lawlessness even during public hearings on the AQUA project !!! [проект строительства комплекса зданий стоимость 6 миллиардов рублей – прим. автора]”, – wrote the deputy Oksana Taranina on her page in the social network.

Also, according to commentators, people were often interrupted during their speeches, and the moderators of the discussion did not react to this properly.

Some interlocutors pointed to the lack of masks and other hygiene products, including from representatives of the city administration. And once again they recalled the ban on holding mass events due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The discussion was supposed to put an end to the issue of the improvement of the park. Frunze. It is planned to create an amusement park within its boundaries.

At the end of April, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea rejected the application for the implementation of the project, but the investor resubmitted it. Local residents are divided on this issue.

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