In Egypt, found a mummy with lunch in the stomach

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Now scientists know the menu of the ancient Egyptians

Usually in ancient Egypt, internal organs were removed from mummies during burial. But recently, archaeologists have discovered a mummy whose digestive system has remained intact. Moreover, the remains of the meal remained in the stomach. And scientists were able to determine what the Egyptians ate about six thousand years ago.

First of all, this is the most popular tilapia fish in those days, which was not only caught in the waters of the Nile, but also specially bred artificially. And despite the fact that tilapia was considered associated with the gods and even depicted on vessels and in tombs, it was an important food product. Interestingly, the fish was eaten whole, not peeled or gutted.

Barley was another common food. It was used to make cereals and soups, bake bread and make beer (the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt mastered the art of brewing almost the first in the world, and the drink was available to both the rich and the poor), according to National Geographic.

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