In Chechnya, boys set world records for push-ups and press

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In the Chechen Republic, two boys 10-11 years old have set world records for push-ups and exercises on the press, according to the regional Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports.

The sports achievements of the children were recorded by the editor-in-chief of the Russian Book of Records, Stanislav Konenko, during the events in honor of the International Day of the Athlete in Grozny.

“The record holder Arbi Yakubov did 551 push-ups on the uneven bars in 22 minutes, and Magomed Dukuev performed 2,780 repetitions on the press in 2 hours exactly <...> It is noteworthy that both boys are only 10-11 years old,” the agency said in Instagram on August 8 …

According to Konenko, the boys have set new world records.

In 2019, Arbi Yakubov already set the world record for push-ups from the floor. Then he did 4874 push-ups in one approach, which became the world record for boys 10 years old.

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