In Britain, restaurant visitors will be banned from drinking after meals

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In Britain, visitors to pubs and restaurants will be obliged to leave the institution after completing a meal, they will not be allowed to linger to continue drinking alcoholic beverages. From December 2, such measures will be introduced in all regions. This was reported by the BBC with reference to the spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office Boris Johnson.

“At the second level of restrictions, when ordering alcohol, you will have to order the main course and according to the rules, when the reception is over, you will have to leave,” he explained.

All bars and restaurants are now closed in Britain, except for those who deliver. The quarantine will end on December 2, then restaurants and bars will be able to serve visitors. At the same time, customers will not be allowed to sit at the drinks counter.

Sports clubs and shops will open that do not sell food or essential goods that were closed during the quarantine.

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