In Bashkiria, a man attacked women with children

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In the city of Oktyabrsky (Republic of Bashkiria), a man attacked women with children out of dissatisfaction with the fact that they were sitting near his entrance, writes on Friday, August 7.

A group of young women with babies and one of their fathers were resting in one of the city courtyards. At some point, a disgruntled man approached them and demanded that they move to the playground.

Young people tried to calm the man down, but only pissed him off, and he began to threaten the girls.

“He rushed towards the women. It’s good that one of the dads was there, he, it turns out, took the blow on himself. They knocked about near the entrance, this angry man calmed down and left, ”said an eyewitness to the incident.

CCTV camera captured the incident. The published footage shows how at the last moment the young man managed to give the child to his wife and blocked the path of the violent city dweller.

As a result, the latter managed to calm down, it did not come to a fight.

On August 6, it became known that in the Arkhangelsk region, a court sentenced a former kindergarten teacher to compulsory work for 400 hours and compensation for moral damage for child abuse.

It was found that from January to April 2019, a woman punished four kindergarten inmates using force: the teacher took the children by the hair with her hand, forced them to sit on a chair and left them alone in the food distribution room.

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