In Astrakhan, schools are preparing for the start of the school year

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There is not much time left before the start of the new academic year – just a little over a month – so right now the educational institutions of the city are carrying out all the necessary measures to prepare for this solemn event. Somewhere there is enough cleaning, but somewhere a complex repair of premises, facades or communications is necessary. And, of course, it is necessary to bring the school territory into proper form. In general, the work is in full swing.

The acting head of the administration of Astrakhan, Maria Permyakova, personally checked how schools are preparing for the admission of students, having held several offsite meetings in the city’s educational organizations. By the way, some work will take place within the framework of the “People’s Budget” project, established by the governor of the Astrakhan region Igor Babushkin. Thus, the approaches to secondary school No. 61, the road along Agronomicheskaya street will be updated, and a sidewalk along Tsuryupa street will be equipped.

“To date, an estimate has already been calculated for this facility,” Vitaly Naumov, head of the Leninsky district, reported to Maria Permyakova. “We will not only equip the sidewalk, which is now in an unsatisfactory condition, but we will completely replace the road surface.”

Recall that the choice of public spaces for reconstruction within the framework of the governor’s project went to the Astrakhan people. Residents of each district of the city and region could express their opinion about which of the proposed objects needs to be improved in the first place this year.

“We managed to calculate everything in such a way that in the Leninsky district we will put in order all the territories from the voting list,” says Maria Permyakova, acting head of the regional center administration. – This is a square on the street. Chekhov, adjacent to the school № 3 and approaches to the 61st school. “

In addition, Maria Permyakova visited school # 27. Serious work is underway here: the facades are put in order, the floor coverings are changed and the bathrooms are being renovated, making them accessible to people with limited mobility.

“It is gratifying that the administration found funds to carry out these works and competently used the possibilities of the People’s Budget project,” noted Evgeny Apostolov from Astrakhan. – For me, as a parent, it is undoubtedly important that the authorities pay attention to the safety, convenience and comfort of our children. The school does not start only inside the courtyard or the building itself, it starts with the road to it, and, of course, every parent should be calm for his child, knowing that he is going to lessons on a safe path. “

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