In Argentina, firefighters witness an unusual phenomenon

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Argentine firefighters, extinguishing a fire in the province of Santa Fe, faced a strange phenomenon, writes the Daily Star.

According to the head of the firefighters group Herman Chekki, the brigade came to extinguish the burning pastures of farmers. The flames spread very quickly and could spread to houses and forests.

Fighting the fire took several hours. Upon completion of the work, the firefighters saw that among the huge scorched field, a piece of land remained untouched with a monument to the dead girl.

Neither firefighters nor eyewitnesses could explain how the fire went around the memorial.

“I’m not a particularly religious person, but look at this: the field is completely burned, and everything around the shrine is intact,” Chekki said.

On August 7, it was reported that a woman was convicted in Kolyma for accidentally setting fire to a forest.

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