Important Features to Consider When You Open a Checking Account

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By faiza

If you are thinking about opening a new checking account there is a lot of information to consider. If you are more inclined to bank in person you may want to search for “open a checking account near me” and will have an available branch nearby your home. Not interested in going to the bank in person? Then you will likely prefer a network of ATMs and a convenient mobile banking app. Whatever type of account you decide to open here are a few things to consider when choosing your next checking account.


Always look for the letters “FDIC”, which stands for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The FDIC protects the money that you deposit into a United States bank in case the bank fails. You do not have to apply for this insurance as everyone is automatically insured when you make your deposit into a bank with FDIC insurance coverage. There are limits that the FDIC will reimburse in event of your bank failing. If you are unsure of the dollar limit, ask your bank representative about deposit insurance and the limit of coverage. Start looking today by searching for “open checking account near me”.


Be sure you understand what fees come with your new checking account. Bank fees vary widely depending on the institution you are doing business with and what type of account you open. Banks often will waive the monthly maintenance fee for checking accounts if you agree to keep an average minimum balance in your account. You should know where your ATM network is located and which machines you can use without incurring a fee. Along with maintenance fees there are also per record fees should you need copies of your transactions, and non sufficient funds fees (NSF) if your account should go into overdraft.

Mobile Banking

For banking anywhere you are, at any time of the day or night,  a mobile app is the way to go. You can make check deposits, check balances, pay your bills, or perform any of the other digital transactions for banking without ever interacting with a teller. Just about any transaction you need can be performed from a banking app. From your home computer to your cell phone banking is now literally at your fingertips. Find a new checking account today by searching for “open a checking account near me”.

Perks Of Checking

One of the great things about checking accounts are the perks that come with some accounts. Just like fees vary, so do the perks of different checking accounts. There are accounts that will offer you interest on the average monthly balance of your account. Opening an account with a direct deposit will sometimes score you an incentive reward.  If you are someone who enjoys shopping as retail therapy you may be interested in a bank that offers cash back incentives for shopping with particular merchants. Having a checking account can also be to your benefit if you are in the market for a loan such as financing a car, or buying a house. Many banks are now offering credit card applications when you open a checking account.

Customer Service

Customer service becomes really important when things don’t go as planned. For example, you suspect that someone has breached your account, or maybe you lost your bank card. Being able to reach someone who can help you will be very important in an emergency. Most major banks have a toll free number to call when you actually need to speak to a person. Be aware that there are some banks that truly keep “bankers hours” and you will not be able to reach them outside of regular business hours.

Do Your Homework

With  many different types of accounts available you can now open a checking account 24 hours a day depending on your needs. Do your homework and check out the many different types of checking accounts available in both your local area and online. Try searching for “ open a checking account near me” for a bank close by. Whether online, or brick and mortar,  if there is anything that you don’t understand  be sure to clarify the terms with the bank of your choice before making your final decision.