Igor Rudenya named the main event and word of the year in the Tver region

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Igor Rudenya called the opening of the memorial the main event of the year in the Tver region, and the words of the year – “unification” and “family”. This was announced by the governor Igor Rudenya on the air of the Russia-24 TV channel on January 21.

Answering the host’s question about the main event in the region in 2020, the governor of the Tver region highlighted the opening of the Rzhev memorial to the Soviet soldier. Igor Rudenya noted the historical importance of the project and its contribution to the attitude of the people of the whole country towards the Tver region.

– They have never spoken about Rzhev with such solemnity, probably this also applies to the Tver region as a whole. Historians and ordinary citizens had different attitudes to the events of the Rzhev-Vyazemskaya operation. We showed that this was an important event. I am sure that the contribution to the history of the Victory of that operation will still be appreciated, – Igor Rudenya emphasized.

As for the word of the year, the governor did not agree with the majority opinion, which highlighted the word “covid”. He believes that it was simply mentioned too often, but the main words were completely different.

– For me, the main words are “union” and “family”. Firstly, during the entire pandemic, we tried to work together with the heads of districts. I know that many have been ill, some are in severe form. But we still did everything by joint efforts. Other popular words are “family” and “friends”. People began to take care of each other, to help. We began to return to traditional values, – said the governor.

Recall that the governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya regularly addresses the residents of the region during a pandemic. This Thursday, he talks about support measures for families, started vaccination against coronavirus, as well as the development of the transport system. According to the latest statistics, over the entire period, 27,022 residents fell ill with covid in the region, 22,548 recovered, 495 died.

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