Igor Dodon expects to win in the second round with a 10% difference

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Igor Dodon is convinced that he will win the second round of the presidential elections with a difference of 100-120 thousand votes. The head of state believes that his rival will most likely be Maia Sandu.

The President referred to public opinion polls. He made these statements during a special broadcast on the channel “Primul in Moldova”.

“In 2016, the difference between us was 60-70 thousand votes. I am sure that this year it will be 100-120 thousand. All the data show this. 120 thousand votes mean 7-8%, up to 10%, ”the president explained.

Recall that according to the VOX POPULI-August 2020 poll, implemented by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers, if Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu meet in the second round of elections, the current head of state will gain 56.2%, and Maia Sandu – 43.8%.

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