Ibuprofen has risen in price by 7%

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The average price for a package of ibuprofen for the year increased by 7% – up to 86 rubles, the analytical company DSM Group told Izvestia. Fluconazole and metformin also rose in price. All three drugs are included in the list of vital drugs (VED), the price limit for which is set by the Ministry of Health.

The trend was confirmed by the analytical company Alfarm. According to Alpharm, the weighted average price for a package of generics containing ibuprofen in July compared to the same period last year increased by 7% to 100 rubles. The same jump (up to 240 rubles) was demonstrated by metformin, a drug necessary in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Medicines with fluconazole in 2020 show an increase in the average weighted price from 60 rubles in March to 76 in April, and in July this figure reached 78 rubles.

The weighted average price of ibuprofen, according to DSM Group, increased by 38% over the year, and fluconazole by 16%.

Ibuprofen, metmorphine and fluconazole are on the federal VED list approved by the government for 2020. Prices for drugs from the list are regulated by the state and are registered separately for each company that produces such drugs.

“The manufacturer sells these items below the registered price. Therefore, there is a possibility of price increases within the framework of the VED price determination methodology. On average, this increase per year is about 3-5%. But cheap drugs can reach up to 20%, ”explained Yulia Nechaeva, director of the strategic research department of DSM Group.

She added that one way or another, the growth will be within the maximum allowed prices.

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