“I have the right” in Germany: Obtain German citizenship without renouncing Russian

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Dear employees of the column “I have the right”! Thank you for your help.

I am a citizen of Russia. I have been working in Germany for a long time, independent. Now at work he is forced to take German citizenship. Unfortunately, I cannot leave the Russian one. Germany does not allow. I received the guarantee of granting German citizenship (Einbürgerungszusicherung). I just sent the documents to renounce Russian citizenship. But the wait now, as I was told, will take a long time. Due to the pandemic. We will have a baby. Renunciation of citizenship has not yet been received. But, all the documents have been sent. Can a child apply for Russian citizenship if I am in the process of renouncing citizenship? Mother has never been a citizen of Russia. Is it possible to obtain German citizenship without renouncing Russian? If yes, can I refuse the procedure for renouncing citizenship?

Alexander T., Karlsruhe.

─ Dear Alexander!

If a child was born of a Russian citizen, then he can apply for Russian citizenship. According to the Russian law on citizenship, there will be no automatic acquisition of citizenship in your case, since one of the parents is a foreigner. A simplified procedure for accepting citizenship is possible. This procedure, of course, must be carried out while you are still a Russian citizen.

Retention of the previous citizenship when accepting German is possible in rare exceptional cases. But really in rare exceptional cases. While you have acquired German citizenship, you will have to give up Russian citizenship.

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