I have the right in Germany: If neighbors behave aggressively

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─ Good afternoon, beloved edition! Thank you for being there and ready to help.

My family and I live in Mainz. And we, since we had to move to another house, have huge problems with our neighbors. Tell me what to do in our situation.

So, we rent an apartment from a local building society (Bauverein) for 8 years. In May, we discovered problems with the pipes. The apartment required renovation, and we were moved to another apartment. I have a husband, an elderly mother and two children (5 and 7 years old). The husband works, often on business trips. I work part time. Children spend half a day in kindergarten, at school.

They moved us into a house with two apartments. It seems like happiness, there is even a piece of land. Our apartment is on the ground floor. And above us is an elderly couple who have lived in this house since it was built. The problems started from the first day. Children play noisily in the yard, children bath noisily in the bathroom, children flush the toilet loudly, children laugh, walk loudly … At first, the grandfather just yelled at me, at the children, when my husband was not at home. And now he threatens that he will write all possible papers on us so that we will be evicted.

The thing is, we like the apartment. My daughter went to a nearby school and we are not ready to move. And now my grandfather, when he saw that we had a new car, shouts that we are Russian thieves. And if I tell him not to offend us, he yells that I am not an intelligent woman, I don’t understand what he says so that people who come in large numbers can learn German!

Recently, their daughter and children came to see them. So the children, even though they were adults, shouted so loudly when they jumped on our trampoline (I gave them permission) that the grandfather started yelling at them too, thinking that they were ours. When I realized it, I stopped short. Now they can afford, if children go to the toilet at night, to knock on the walls, on the ceiling. And the TV is turned on at full volume. So, in the house, apparently, there is poor insulation, it needs to be improved. But we are afraid that if we declare this ourselves, we will be resettled again.

The question is, how many times can they move us from apartment to apartment like this without fixing the problem? Can we somehow solve the issue of isolation? Is it possible somehow to legally stop a neighbor in his aggression towards us?

Nellie P., Mainz

─ Dear Nellie!

There are no legal problems in the case described by you. Judicial practice indicates that neighbors must reckon with the noise generated by children. Therefore, the attacks of the old man can simply be ignored. If complaints to the house management follow, it is better to contact a lawyer so that he correctly wrote objections to the complaint. That, in fact, is all.

Maxim BRITANOV, attorney.

Fachanwalt für Familienrecht, Fachanwalt für Migrationsrecht,

Law Office Factory Britanow & Dr. Hirsch

Tel .: +49 (0) 69 26 49 22420


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