“I can not be silent”: Grymov said that the lawyer “destroyed” Efremov

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The director Yuri Grymov said that the chosen line of defense of the lawyer Elman Pashayev does not paint, but “destroys” the actor Mikhail Efremov.

Grymov admitted in a conversation with NSN that until recently he tried not to comment on Efremov’s case, but still could not stand it, as the artist was “jolting”.

The director complained that Efremov first recorded a video admitting guilt, and now, under pressure from a lawyer, refused to admit guilt.

“Maybe he was confused, I don’t know,” said Gromov.

He stressed that in any situation one should remain human and not be afraid to repent.

On June 8, Efremov in a drunken state caused a fatal accident in the center of Moscow. He drove into the oncoming lane and rammed a Gazelle driving towards him, the driver died a few hours later.

The artist was taken under house arrest, he faces up to 12 years in prison.

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