Hurricane Delta forecast to follow Laura’s path, will weaken after landfall

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Hurricane Delta is forecast to make landfall within “the next couple of hours” along Louisiana’s southwest coast, in almost the exact same spot as Hurricane Laura did six weeks ago. 

Life-threatening storm surge, hurricane-force winds, heavy rain with dangerous flooding and tornadoes will also be possible, especially east of the center of circulation. 

Southwest Louisiana is still cleaning up from Laura, so any of the debris that is still on the ground will be potential projectiles with more structural damage to compromised homes and businesses. This is a terrible situation for this area. 

The storm is weakening as it approaches the coast with strong upper level winds and cooler water ahead of its trajectory, but the heavy rain and storm surge, as well as strong damaging winds, will still be life-threatening.

Rainfall of between four and 10 inches –­­ with some areas exceeding that number –­ will fall along the coast and inland over the Mississippi/Tennessee Valley this weekend. Delta will weaken quickly as it moves northeast over the next few days.

Meanwhile, in other news, the Pacific Northwest will get busy with a few systems moving in, bringing coastal rain and mountain snow. 

A warm weekend lies ahead for many states across the plains and Midwest, with daytime highs between 15 and 20 degrees above average.


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