How to Revamp Your Wardrobe and  Develop Your Own Unique Style?

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Are you one of those people who are always worried and least confident about how they style because you know that fashion and style are not your things? Well, if you are, worry not! Many people are not fond of following trends at all, and there are some who even do not have a developed sense of style whether it be about getting ready for a formal event, carrying a perfect bag on a casual event or some other party. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of in this case. Once you start getting interested in your closet and outfits, you will get to know what suits you the best and what does not. You will also get an idea of buying bags, shoes, and accessories you need to set up your small wardrobe or 6 door wardrobe. This sense of awareness can gradually revamp your style and help you understand the perfect look as per your personality.

Creating your own style is great art as we have heard often that fashion is an art, so is the personalized style. If you are not aware of the latest fashion trends and styles, or not even want to follow the existing ones, you can create your own. Style is not restricted to the glamorous world of fashion, magazines, or a particular class; rather, it is for everyone, men, women, and kids. It is up to you how you adapt or make it. Our style of getting dressed up has a cognitive impact as well. Association for psychological science has reported that “The formality of clothing might not only influence the way others perceive a person, and how people perceive themselves but could influence decision making in important ways through its influence on processing style.”

You might have come across many tips and ideas to create your own style and revamping your wardrobe accordingly, but here are some of those that can be practiced seamlessly and effectively.

Find your inspiration

It would be best if you looked inward and outward for developing your style. It is not necessary that you blindly follow any style icon, but you can search for fashion styles, inspiring styling ideas as per your taste. E.g. if you feel like not wearing much-revealing clothes, you can scroll through styling ideas to see which is up to your requirements and taste. There are many combos you can try on like that of modern but minimal or vintage but aesthetic. You can go with the one you like the most and feel comfortable in. Also, you can keep trying different looks, repat colours, style of the dress, shoes and you will get an idea which goes best on you.

Try it on

This is important, of course. You can’t tell if something suits you best or not without even trying it. Since you want to develop a unique style of yours, you must try various outfits and looks to decide for one. It may take a while or trials to develop your own unique style, so do not hesitate to test various styles. You do not have to buy new clothes for testing, but you can refer to some of the inspiring looks that you might have saved in your phone gallery and keep putting those on by using existing clothes from your wardrobe. The best idea here is to buy accessories like scarves, jewellery and comfortable shoes. You can even buy one scarf only and can style a different yet unique look. You can pair your scarf with a sweater, a long coat, golden earrings and long boots. This can make you look sassy and comfy at the same time.

Challenge yourself with accessories

How can accessories be a challenge? Well, you can try on different accessories with your outfit every time you step out of your home, keep changing your accessories to add variation into the style. The most common variations you can test are your hair, accessories, and makeup. Go with the same outfit with these variations, and you will experience a great change in your physical appearance and style.

 Detoxify your wardrobe

This might sound strange, but detoxifying here means to filter out your clothes. Look for the clothes you do not wear at all or the ones that no longer fit you, give them away to make space for the new ones. You can consider giving your clothes to your friends, family, or donate in charity.

Focus on your lifestyle

You must know what you really need in your daily life, for instance, where do you work, what you need for your workplace, which clothes you often wear to work and what type of parties or occasions you have to attend often. Consider collecting items that you need the most. Also, people working in corporate places have a different collection of outfits. Likewise, various places have various requirements so you must schedule your companies as per you working days along with all the essential accessories, including bags and shoes.

The tradeoff with price or quality?

Well, I know most of the people go for budget-friendly items which is a right approach too, but one must consider that if you are compromising quality over price, then it might not be a suitable choice in some cases. For instance, if you are shopping for winters and tends to buy a good, warm coat, never go for the low priced one but choose the one that is actually warm no matter if it is expensive because you only invest once in quality items so invest wisely to make it worthy.

Fabric choice

Yes, this is also one of the important things to look for. The fabric choice is important as the different fabric looks different on different people. For instance, jersey dress might look too fit on some people while it may appear too baggy on skinny ones. The significant thing, however, is to look for the quality of the fabric, consider taking notes on the fabric composition and get to know what you often buy, which one you like the most or which ones are more comfortable. Choose the right fabric for different seasons, i.e. winters and summers.

The trend is not for everyone.

When we talk about the trend, people often confuse style with the trend. Style is something that is your own. Women misunderstood and thought style as materialistic and superficial, which is totally wrong. You create your own style by having new ideas and taking some ideas in fashion, instead of becoming a slave of trend and buying, wearing blindingly. First think if it either something that you usually want to wear or is it worth buying. Give thought that is these cloths can be worn after two months? The trend becomes when one product or item is buying, sells a huge number. There is also a general concept when women see another woman, they usually judge her on her basis of cloth, and thinking that she is following every trend, how lucky she is she can afford every trend. A bit of real advice here is every woman should come out from this thinking. Forget about trends and carry to which you are drawn to and it suits you.

Ready to try new things 

There is always a fine line between disliking something and trying something new. It’s obvious to get conscious about how will I look in new style I made? What will people think? Don’t worry sister, no one is going to judge you or critics you, and somehow someone did, wear the dress of confidence and charm, and you are ready to have your style.

Try new styling in clothing is a very good approach, continuously trying new clothes and fashion makes you expert in making new and unique look every time. Don’t let insecurities and fear in your way; style should make you feel good about yourself. Let’s take example try mom jeans with heels, if that look doesn’t satisfy than try flats, wear a black t-shirt and denim jacket on it. Its casual, stylish, look. Not too formal, not too casual. An additional idea, wear colour hairband with this clothing style.

Key is confidence

Always remember whatever you do, it’s either in the profession, life tasks, creating new ideas, or creating new style do with full confidence. Have you ever seen kids, when they are growing up, they make everything new thing, a new activity they like or love, but one point always remains same in them that’s their confidence, though that little one has no idea what confidence is, how to become confident they just create in themselves? Just became that baby, don’t get embarrassed, influenced, impressed, and intimidated by any false comments, negative energy, or critics. Wearing a casual look but with confidence and styling attitude makes you attractive for that casual look. That’s the power of confidence. As they say, you go, girl!

Bottom line

Points we discussed above for developing your style will surely help every girl, women to try and make an effort in her wardrobe and styling. Once you learn how you can make your own style, there is no way anyone can stop you. If you are one of those who are trying to start a new small business about clothing, these points are here to help you. Just feel confident and make others feels too.

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