How to prevent colon cancer

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Doctors at the Inflammation Research Center and the University of Ghent in Belgium have identified a mechanism that contributes to the development of colorectal cancer.

Doctors have found that abnormal expression of the Zeb2 protein completely affects the integrity of the intestinal epithelium. It is he who usually serves as a barrier to the penetration of intestinal bacteria, and Zeb2 undermines this barrier and leads to the development of oncology.

Scientists believe that timely removal of microbiota can prevent the development of cancer.

An experiment they conducted on mice showed that treating rodents with broad-spectrum antibiotics killed certain bacteria and stopped the development of malignant tumors.

Doctors say that the microbes in our gut also play a leading role in the development of diseases associated with changes in the composition of the microbiota. Among them is colorectal cancer, writes

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