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We all know it and we now have already skilled this pitfall, as soon as minimize, the flesh of the apple, involved with air, oxidizes and turns brown. Trace and tip to stop apples from blackening when minimize.

Is browning of minimize apples inevitable?

With out altering the style of the fruit – apple, pear, banana, avocado – browning is a pure phenomenon which is inevitable in case you do nothing within the first minutes after reducing, however which could be remedied simply. Particularly whenever you wish to put together a pleasant apple pie, and it’s a must to minimize a lot of fruits, which should wait earlier than being cooked. If there are various tricks to overcome this drawback, listed here are two that won’t distort the style of the fruit.

Tip # 1 to stop apples from darkening: lemon juice

It is a trick as previous because the world however which has been working for ages, so why deprive your self of it? As soon as the apples are minimize, brush the flesh with lemon juice, the vitamin C of which is able to cease the browning. If you should use pure lemon juice, you can even slip it right into a bowl of water with its apple slices whilst you proceed your recipe. As soon as drained and dried, the apples will maintain their stunning gentle colour.

Tip # 2 to stop apples from darkening: honey

If you do not have a lemon available, you can even use honey which may have the identical impact. do ? We pour two spoonfuls of honey with a big glass of water in a bowl, add the apple slices and wait 5 minutes earlier than draining the fruits and drying them. We’re then free to rearrange them on a tart dough, chew them as they’re, or add them in brunoise on Greek yogurt.

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