How To Make A Graphic Novel On A Computer?

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Graphics have been a major source of communication since their inception in ancient civilization, traces of which are the modern-day cave paintings carved by early human beings. A transformation took place in the field of entertainment around world war II when comic books came into effect and became a trend. What we term as a graphic novel now has emerged around the era of the Cold War.

Basics Of Making Graphic Novels

A complete story made through illustrations is what a graphic novel is. First, let us find out the basics of making a graphic novel by diving into the making of the same on a computer.

  1. Ideas– Without creating a plot and jotting down the ideas, one can create a graphic novel neither on paper nor on the computer. The plot must include all the basic elements- the exposition, an incident and action, a climax and an ending. 
  2. Limelight should be on the main character– The limelight or the focus should dwell upon the main character and that main character should be unique in his/her own way. 
  3. Setting– The setting of a graphic novel is a visual aid to save your novel from drowning. A surreal setting with landscapes can be enjoyable and pleasant to the reader’s glance. 
  4. Drawing Style– If you are aware of graphic novels, you must be aware of the drawing styles graphic novels consist of. One should always choose their drawing style based on the type of graphic novel you are going to create. The drawing style of comic creation is absolutely different from other graphic novel genres. Choose a unique drawing style that saves your time. And if it is a graphic novel on a computer, you can always edit your drawing style or make changes in your novel at any time. 
  5. Matching the pictures with the story: As it is a graphic novel, pictures are the fundamental and most important element. So whatever story that you are going to write, the illustrations should match with your story on each page. These illustrations are generally made in short square boxes. 

Software like Clip Studio Paint can do all the mentioned things. However, this software comes after paying a whopping amount but the CSP sale is a great chance to get this premium software at a discounted price.

Ideas How to create Graphic Novel

Now, as you have got the idea of how to create a graphic novel, let us move forward to how to create the same with proper utilization of technology, i.e., by using the computer.

Steps included:

  • Creating a digital graphic novel or comic on the computer is most prominent with the use of iOS. The app, namely Comic Book on iOS, is one of the most inexpensive apps.
  • Visual representation of stories is an art form that not everyone can create. Creating a comic digitally does not require that much drawing talent. You can still easily make a digital comic. 3D comics are also getting popular and using the best 3D animation software will help you create one.
  • But before making a comic, make sure to read the other comics to not miss out on the actual needs of comic creation. 
  • Now, you can consider using apps like Canva or Pixton in order to make a digital comic.
  • Using the software you can easily drag and drop the speech clouds and your designated characters along with the background. So no worries if you cannot draw it on your own. 
  • These software work both on computer or mobile and are internet-based. 
  • At first, you will find stock objects with which you will have to work, but these are customizable. You can definitely change their actions and add your own dialogues by customizing them with the tools provided. 
  • These applications and software tools do have paid as well as free versions. Free versions have less prominent features and independence than the paid version. Paid versions can cost around $10 to $15 per month. 
  • You can also make comics with the photos that you click. With such a comic, you can refresh your memories or make your favorite person a favorite cartoon character. 
  • For doing so, you can use Comic Book for iOS and Comic Strip Pro for Android. Here, you can easily import the photos from your phone’s gallery to create an illustration. 
  • Correct arrangement of these photos is necessary and after you make those, start by applying filters that will give your photos a comical appearance. These apps have inbuilt speech bubbles to enhance your graphic novel or your comic. Once you finish making it, you can export the graphic novel or your comic anytime to save it to your phone. 

Draw it on your own

As we know that artistic talent compliments your comic, if you can draw your comic, the expressions become more clear in the eyes of the readers. If you are an artist who uses an iPad, Comic Draw is an app that you can definitely opt for. This is a digital studio kind of application inclusive of all the necessary tools required for you to create an outstanding piece of art with guidelines. This app has a 14-day free trial policy and is worth $10. 

Other illustrator apps or drawing apps like Procreate are also a lot helpful. Your mind is what makes you creative while making these comics.