Everything You Should Know About A 2 Hour Fireproof Safe

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Before you decide to purchase a 2 hour fireproof safe, it is essential to gather all the information in order to make the right decision. For anyone who does not know what it is, this safe is designed by the experts to protect paper and maintain the right temperature inside. If you seek a fireproof safe, there is no denying the fact that you will come across numerous of them. But with so many options to select from, it might be a bit daunting to choose the most suitable one. Everything from test standards to technical specifications, security ratings, there is so much to consider. This is why we have prepared this piece of information where everything is explained for you in the right manner. Without demanding much of your time, let us get straight to the article.

Which is the right fireproof safe for me?

Different types of fire safes have various prerequisites. This is because the level of humidity and temperature varies from each other. According to the research, there are three categories. Below are them:

  • Paper: let us take some examples, certificates, legal documents, cash, insurance papers, and much more.
  • Digital media: consider everything from a compact disc, video CD, digital cameras, ipads, ipods, hard drives, pen drives, music players, and much more.


  • Magnetic media: take into account traditional internal hard drives, audio tapes, video tapes, backup tapes, and floppies. According to the experts, all the cellulose based items should be kept away from all the danger. This is why purchasing a 2 hour fireproof safe is mandatory.

The experts explain that every type of media begins to degrade at various temperatures. We have mentioned the same below. Check it out.

  • Digital: 120 celsius to 248 Fahrenheit 
  • Paper: 177 celsius to 350 Fahrenheit 
  • Film: 66 celsius to 150 Fahrenheit 
  • Data: 52 celsius to 125 Fahrenheit 

When it comes to data media, one should always protect it from the magnetic interference which is usually generated by fire. A fire safe can be damaged if it comes under flames, dust, hot gases, and smoke, with the highest temperature. Nevertheless, increasing humidity levels inside the safe is also known to damage film and date meda.

Film: Eighty five percent humidity limitation

Data: Eighty percent humidity reduction

How to get in touch with reliable fireproof safe providers?

If you are searching for a 2 hour fireproof safe, take into account the below mentioned factors. All of them will let you make the right decision and you won’t face any trouble while doing so.

  • Get in touch with a trusted provider: There is no denying the fact that the market is filled with numerous providers. This is why we understand that selecting one could be overwhelming. In order to make the decision making procedure simple, we recommend doing some research. The research will make it easy for you to pen down the names of trusted providers in your area. Once you know which one is apt for you, all you have to do is get in touch with them, and make the right purchase.


  • Explore the type of safes they offer: While you are deciding to purchase a fireproof safe, check with the provider exactly which type of safe they are providing. Are their safes of good quality? Is the price reasonable? Considering such questions will help you during the decision making process.

Consider all this information and you are good to go when purchasing a fireproof safe.