How To Know if My Mobile Phone is Original or Fake?

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Most of the people go with the trend, some of them are “brand-conscious” as in their opinion it will give them respect in society. Although many of them can afford their respective brands what about others who might want to stand among the brand conscious group their resources do not allow them. So, here counterfeit products seem to replace genuine products. Counterfeit products always find a new way to hearken to call whether it is wearing apparel, jewellery, or mobile phone.

Similarly, the mobile market is full of counterfeit products. Unless you have researched thoroughly do not get attracted to cheap-branded phones. Before investing in a new mobile phone go through the following points so that you can know whether your mobile is original or fake?

A slight difference in the brand’s name’s spelling is a prominent indication of a fabricated phone. They can change a single alphabet of the spelling which sometimes goes ignored and meanwhile, those counterfeit companies get escaped from legal cases. So, do confirm the brand’s name’s spellings from its authentic website.

Look out For The Specifications on The Box

Product specifications are the next step that can give you the reflection of a genuine phone. To compare the specifications written on the phone box and your available handset go to settings> About phone. If both are the same then put your handset in your pocket happily.


All of the genuine phone companies give more than one year warranty and also offer phone repair policy. Before buying a mobile phone ask the salesperson about the warranty and just do not rely on an oral contract.

IMEI number(International Mobile Equipment Identity)

Every mobile is provided with a 15-digit IMEI number, which can help you to find mobile phone legitimacy. Most of the fabricated mobile manufacturers do not provide IMEI numbers. This IMEI number not only identifies mobile devices but also provides you security against mobile theft.

You can find this IMEI number either on the silver sticker on the back of your mobile device, below the battery cover, or written on the box of the mobile phone. The most convenient way to get your IMEI number is by dialing *#06#.

Mobile Phone Outlook

As counterfeit product manufacturers will try their best to mirage you regarding mobile devices’ appearance. So, be careful and do some online research, visit genuine outlets, and check out the specifications thoroughly. Fake mobile may have:

  • Fake display
  • Worse camera results
  • More battery consumption
  • Crooked label
  • The difference in screen size
  • Altered button location
  • Change in battery size or shape.
  • Faded display colours
  • Poor touch system

Low Price

Don’t get attracted if you find your respective phone being sold at a low price. Like genuine mobiles, they do not pass through any quality test to meet national or international standards. They do not have to pay any government taxes. Even they do not provide any warranty to their customers like genuine mobile phone manufacturers. Moreover, the material used in the making of these counterfeit products is low. They do not ensure a repair back warranty. So be wise before buying your mobile phone.


No matter how many salesmen assure you that they are dealing in genuine or original brand, do the following checks:

  • Check the camera picture resolution and quality. Fake mobile has low picture resolution and quality.
  • Fake mobile will hang up as you open many applications at once. But genuine mobile will run smoothly.
  • Turn off and on the mobile. Fake mobile will take much time to start up compared to the original brand.
  • Poor battery performance.

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