How to issue Russian documents for a child born in Germany

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A reader contacted the editorial office of MK-Germany with the following question:
– We recently moved to live in Germany and are now expecting the birth of our first child. Due to the pandemic, there is no way to travel to Russia. Please tell me what to do with the registration of Russian documents for a newborn?

We asked a service bureau employee to answer the question MK Services
– Before issuing documents for a child, you need to issue him Russian citizenship. For this, it is necessary to affix the Apostille to the original of the child’s birth certificate received from the competent authorities in Germany. This stamp is affixed in the country that issued the document. After that, it is necessary to translate both the document and the Apostille into Russian.

There are special requirements for translation, so it is best to contact a sworn translator in Germany or our service bureau MK Services… We will help with translation and with subsequent assurance of the correctness of the translation in the notary department at the Russian Consulate. To apply for Russian citizenship, a child will need to provide valid passports of both parents to the citizenship department, if there is registration in Russia, then internal passports, as well as an application filled out in Russian in the appropriate form.

After obtaining citizenship for a child, a stamp is put on his birth certificate confirming the presence of Russian citizenship. Next, you can issue your baby a foreign passport at the passport department of the Russian Consulate.

Service Bureau MK Services wishes everyone to stay healthy and if you need help with paperwork during these difficult times, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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