How to get UK virtual mobile number for SMS receiving?

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By Marilyn Royce

A virtual phone number works via the Internet without any real SIM card. If you need one, sign up on HotTelecom and choose an advantageous tariff.

Advantages of receiving SMS on a virtual number in everyday life

Imagine that for some reason, you need to use a UK mobile number, but you cannot or do not want to buy a real SIM card. The reasons may be various: you may want to create an account on social networks or messengers, participate in a draw, or sign up on a website, exchange, forum, etc. In these cases, a virtual number will come in handy.

It is not connected to your personality or geolocation, which is why it has a range of advantages:

  1. You maintain anonymity and privacy. Knowing a real number, scammers can geolocate a person or send a phishing link to hack a cell phone.
  2. You can use foreign websites. Portals can deny the sign-ups from the residents of some regions. UK numbers are often out of blacklists, so they can help you to bypass these blocks.
  3. Avoid spam SMS. Your messages will be stored outside of your mobile phone, so it will be free from annoying notifications.

How to get a UK virtual number during a day 

Typically, it takes no more than a day before you can use the service for SMS receiving. Sign up on Hottelecom and choose:

  • The number for one-time SMS receiving or for permanent use;
  • SMS forwarding direction: incoming messages can also come to another phone, mail, or website;
  • Tariff. Be aware that your discount gets bigger if you subscribe for a few months at once.

Your SMS will also be stored in the cloud, so you will never lose them. Receive SMS in a way convenient for you, not the sender. Use this advantage!