How To Get 120 Days Free Shopify?

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By Hayley

Are you new to Shopify? Do you want a free shopify trial for 120 days? Well, this offer is now old. You can only get a trial for a short duration. But there are still some offers you can catch up on. 

As a business grows and markets itself, its deals are always open to change. Does Shopify have a free plan? So there’s no point in looking for a 60- or 120-day free sample because you won’t find one. If you do, the people who try to give you one are trying to scam you, and they might even put bugs and other harmful software on your computer.  

120 Days Free Shopify Real Or Fake?

People need clarification on whether the trial is real or fake. So there is no such update on fake trials, but yes, the trial was offered some time ago. That’s why new people on Shopify cannot achieve those huge trials. 

The 120-day Shopify trial was available through a few retailers in 2019. Shopify often offers these special deals through a small number of Shopify partners. I’m one of them, but there isn’t a deal like that going on right now. But you can take advantage of the free shopify builder and a great deal that is happening right now,

What Features Free Shopify Trial Offers? 

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After setting up your free Shopify account and filling up all the basic questionnaire forms, you will enter the trial world of Shopify. 

Shopify’s admin dashboard gives you access to all of the platform’s features; to get started, navigate to the platform’s default settings. If you plan to sell something, prepare your necessary facts, notably your payment information.

Choosing a subscription will enable you to use Shopify’s free email marketing tools and begin taking orders during the trial period. You can start selling without worrying about making a payment till the 14 days are up.

Following are the features free Shopify offers:

Import goods

You can stock your shop with items from the products tab. Adding them and changing their details and accompanying media is a breeze.

Better still, you can use Shopify’s dropshipping partner, Oberlo. You may customize all the material on your site to give it your flair, and you can import products straight from AliExpress. If you need help deciding what to sell, Oberlo will recommend currently popular products.

Content Creation

Content marketing is considered one of the best market strategies. It allows you to provide free value to your target audience, increasing their interest in what you offer. Articles in your area, such as how-tos and tutorials, might help you gain exposure by pointing potential customers toward what you’re selling.

This content can also be optimized for search engines like Google, increasing your store’s visibility and bringing in visitors at no cost. Your chances of selling to these people are higher because they share a common interest with your store’s specialty.

Analytical Reading

In addition, Shopify provides in-depth analytics on your store’s performance and consumers. Therefore, it also offers free shopify dropshipping themes. This choice is available to all members, not just those who paid for a trial. You can see at a glance which pages in your store are the most popular and how much money you’re making compared to your expenses.

Even more significant, you may learn about the habits and motivations of your target audience. You now have a fantastic resource to investigate your target market and improve your advertising strategies.

Create a storefront

From your homepage, you can change every part and page. As you make changes with the drag-and-drop editor, they are all saved in your store files, so don’t worry about changing any code.

You can also choose from free shopify blog themes, paid themes that take care of your store’s style and give you more ways to change it. All themes are easy to change, and you can play around with all the parts until you’re happy with the results.


Shopify makes it simple to open a store without committing to a monthly payment plan beforehand. Free shopify trials have been talked about a lot. There will always be new ones or old ones being talked about. I also always look for signs, such as how the economy is doing and how well Shopify is doing for its owners. If they are doing well, they can do less. You may save money and have access to all of Shopify’s features by taking advantage of this limited-time deal. 


What free trials are available on Shopify?

Shopify offers 14 days trial, the first month for $1, and free trials can change timely.

Is there a free Shopify plan? 

You can sign up for a free trial of Shopify if you want to try it out before committing to a monthly plan. Your free trial doesn’t start when you start working on your store but when you sign up.