Tips And Tricks For Shopify Dropshipping

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Do you want to do a successful Shopify dropshipping business? Opening an online store is a big achievement for any person. On the other hand, it can scare you a lot if it’s lacking somewhere. If you are a beginner and need help knowing where and what to start, you must gain knowledge and the right strategy to achieve your goal. 

Pro Tips For Shopify Dropshipping Process

 Shopify Dropshipping

Inventory control

Most dropshippers with a lot of experience agree that the hardest part of running a successful dropship business is keeping track of goods from different sources. If you don’t do this well, you’ll have to keep telling customers their order is out of stock. There are better ways to get people to buy from you again and become brand fans.

Following are some steps that you to know how to start Shopify dropshipping and how it works

  • Use different sources: The best tip for the delivery rate is to work with multiple providers whose stock overlaps. If Supplier A doesn’t have an item, Supplier B likely does. Having just one source for your goods also increases the danger of shortages and other problems. Your online shop’s future is in peril if they choose to stop working with you, increase their pricing, or go out of business. 
  • Smartly handle out-of-stock orders: If you are out of stock, then instead of showing your customers you can offer a same-price product, this is considered the best-proven strategy for Shopify dropshipping
  • Choose product wisely: When you figure out the good Shopify dropshipping products, try to sell your suppliers’ items. So, in this way, you will always have two possible ways to ship out any goods you sell.

Add secure methods to pay

Diversity is what makes  Shopify dropshipping business so interesting. If you offer multiple payment methods, you are ahead of your competitors. Your users or people who might buy your goods can pay for them in any way that works.

Payment methods change from country to country and region to area. You want to avoid hearing from a customer that they can’t pay for your goods because they only have a few ways to pay.

The more ways to pay you have, the more likely people worldwide will buy from you. It can greatly affect how well your Shopify selling business does.

Timely Deal with chargebacks

Chargeback is a process when a person calls a bank to dispute the charge any company made. Your payment source will temporarily take that amount from your account and allow you to show that the drop ship business is trustworthy and deliver goods and services to their customers. 

Fraud is usually the main reason for chargebacks, but customers will also challenge a charge if they don’t recognize your business, forget about the transaction, or just don’t like the product they bought. 

You’ll need proof of the original order, delivery tracking information, and probably a bulk packing slip showing what you bought and shipped to get your money back. That’s Shopify dropshipping requirements. 

Satisfactory Return Policy

Before you write a return policy for your dropshipping store, you should find out how all of your sellers handle returns. If they have 45 days to return something, you can be more flexible with your terms. Just one provider with a strict return policy can make you rethink the terms you can afford to have in place.

When a customer wants to return an item, this is what will happen:

  • A customer calls and wants to return something.
  • You ask your provider for an RMA number, “return merchandise authorization.”
  • The buyer sends the item back to your seller with the RMA number written on the envelope.
  • The seller puts the market price of the goods back on your account.
  • You give the customer a refund for the full price of the item.

High-Quality Videos and Photos

Images and movies can help or hurt your ecommerce business, depending on how they are used. It would help if you got people who walk into your store to buy that thing at first look.

The way it looks and the message can help you win. For Shopify dropshipping profit,  You can build your picture. But if you can’t, pros at Shopify will help you. Your online business will do much better if you use good pictures.

Videos can be used when pictures can’t say everything that needs to be said. Make short clips about the product, its use, and what it can do for you. Share these videos; studies have shown that video material is one of the most effective selling methods. 

Set simple shipping rules

Shipping rates can take a lot of work for dropshipping business owners to figure out. With so many different goods coming from many different places, it takes time to correctly figure out shipping costs for sales.

You can use three types of shipping rates:

  • Rates in real-time. 

With this method, your online shopping cart will get a real-time price based on the total weight of everything you buy and where you want them shipped. It is correct, but figuring out when packages come from multiple centers can take work.

  • Rates by type. 

Using the per-type method, you’ll set flat shipping rates based on the goods bought. It would cost $5 to ship any small widget and $10 to ship any big widget.

  • One price for shipping. 

As the name suggests, you charge the same flat rate for all types of packages. You could even ship all items for free. This way is the easiest to use but gives the least true picture of shipping prices.

How To Advertise Your Shopify Store

To make money, you have to sell things. So, people must know about your store before shopping there. What is Shopify dropshipping monthly income? How do you let people know that your Shopify online store is there? By putting it out there in a big way!

It takes a while for a new website to appear on search engines, with Google being the biggest. To get people to visit your website, you must promote it in every way possible.

Here are some ways you can promote your Shopify online store.

Share blog posts and videos: 

Make blog posts about your drop-shipping business and shop and share them. You can use the blog tool that comes with Shopify.

Social media marketing: 

Use your social media accounts to spread the word about your dropshipping business. You must recognize social media marketing as a marketing plan. You can promote your business on Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, or TikTok. Telegram is one of the fastest-growing apps, so you can promote your business to people who use it. Don’t worry about how many people are following you at first. As long as you keep pushing your business, more people will come to it.

Email marketing: 

Email marketing is only one of many ways that dropshipping businesses sell themselves. But it also gets things done. List people who might buy from you and send them emails often.

Facebook and Google add: 

The best was saved for last. Facebook and Google are the most popular places for advertising of all kinds. They have a few helpful tools that make it easy to sell. But you would have to pay for them.


Although starting a dropshipping company is an easy and fast way to get your business off the ground, you should expect passive income later. It takes hard effort to build a thriving dropshipping company where clients are eager to return. But if you use the strategies above for dropshipping, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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How profitable is Shopify dropshipping?

How profitable is dropshipping with Shopify? Shopify store owners can make much money with a selling business strategy. On average, most Shopify dropshippers make between $1,000 and $5,000 per month, and the most successful store owners make over $100,000 per year.

How much do dropshippers make a profit?

It’s 10-20%, according to major dropshippers. It doesn’t mean that a lot of businesses fail, though. It just means many people join this sales process without fully understanding it.

Why are 90% of dropshippers unsuccessful?

90% of dropshipping businesses fail because they don’t focus on giving customers as much value as possible.