How to de-radicalize 40 million Americans

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Wednesday was a relief around the world. Except for the dictator-rulers, systematic despisers of the United States and more than 40 million Americans who firmly believe that the former president had the election stolen.

President Biden’s dignified and at times intimate speech comforted, of course, all those who felt wounded in their souls during Trump’s tenure.

The performance of Lady Gaga, who sang with her ovaries – let me use this word crude, but so eloquent – the American national anthem, a true cry of love for her country, upset Americans. The vast majority of them had lived in shame for too long and had experienced humiliation due to a noxious political climate and the daily vulgarity of the former president.


How to live without hope? President Biden with the gravity that already inhabits him seems to be the providential man, the man of national conciliation. He has promised to promote moderation, but he is being firm with his close White House associates, threatening to fire them on the spot if they do not respect the collegiality he wants there. impose.

Anyone in the United States who advocates a radical policy on the right or the left will not serve democracy, he suggests. It is therefore with mixed feelings, but also admiration that we witnessed this change of the guard under military protection.

Those who believe that we are safe at home from the extremist political excesses of the United States are mistaken. Conspirators, whether Trumpists or not, are lurking in our cities and our countryside. Antiracist theorists excommunicate all week long those who rise up against them and have only the word “censorship” in their mouths. In fact, all extremists end up with contempt for the democratic system, including political parties.


President Biden is currently a bulwark against racial, social and political abuses. Who could read in a crystal ball to predict how this man surrounded by his vice-president, his ministers and his advisers, visibly determined to save their country, will succeed in deradicalizing tens of millions of embittered, disillusioned and having rage in the heart? Citizens who believe in the supremacy of the white race and dream of returning to a time when they considered themselves superior.

President Biden is a man of faith, therefore of hope. There was a lot of talk about God during the ceremony on the Capitol on Wednesday. This is a fundamental difference between Americans and us. But if hope is a Christian virtue, hope is a human feeling.

After heartbreaking years, the hope of some and the hope of others are priceless. How to live without food for the soul, without light for the spirit and without emotion for the heart? Today’s ultra-radicals fueled by social networks, these enemies who in use distort democracy, force us to listen to the anxieties and fears behind their words. Because facing them will kill us both literally and figuratively.

President Biden gave us the impression that he wanted to sacrifice his life to save his country and to save democracy.

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