How to choose the right electrical engineering college in India?

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Engineering has always been a popular profession among enthusiasts from all across the world. The demand for adept engineers is growing with the ever-increasing human population and the increasing consumption rate of products and services. For an enthusiast, the time is just right for relevant skill development and to embark on a search for the right electrical engineering college. However, many brilliant and deserving students make bad decisions while choosing the institute they are willing to invest time and money in. and their careers are pushed into jeopardy of this bad decision. In India, an eligible student can have a lot of options while attending counselling or searching on the internet. But opting for the right one is not easy, it takes significant research and aptitude to identify fraud. This article will try to enlighten a qualified student looking for the right electrical college that can ensure quality training and a secure career in electrical engineering. 

Why study electrical engineering in India?

India is a rapidly growing country, in terms of infrastructure and economy. The emergence of startups and new ventures is not at all new in Indian markets. And the infrastructure is growing rapidly and trying to support the ever-enraging wheel of progress.  Rural and urban India alike are experiencing rapid growth of infrastructure and the possibilities are ever-expanding. An electrical engineer fresh out of college can opt for a variety of internship options. And develop relevant skills by working both in the public and private sectors. The versatility of electrical engineering as a discipline can help a student land internships in electricity distribution, automobiles, public transport, and civil and production industries. And maybe in turn help get employed with lucrative and fulfilling employment. 

Evaluation of promises 

Fake promises are inexpensive to make and the one who makes fake promises rarely cares to keep them. Thus good institutes only make promises that can be kept. The delivery of promises determines the reputation of an institute. Keeping difficult promises requires a lot of passion, dedication and willingness to keep promises. And a student looking for an institute that keeps promises must know what is possible and which promises are made to attract enrollments. This very first step determines if the investments in the form of time and money are not made in vain. 

Evaluation of the syllabus 

The syllabus determines the quality and quantity of exposure a student can receive during their tenure. A long-standing and reputed electrical engineering college is expected to have experienced faculty at the helm of designing the syllabus. Experienced faculty means students already in key places in the industry. And these active and influential faculty members are expected to be in touch with the contemporary industry. Thus a syllabus and curriculum designed by them are expected to be aligned with the industry demands. And the skills they help develop are also expected to remain relevant for a long time to come. 

Getting in touch with the faculty 

The faculty are the frontline workers in the education sector, they are always at the very helm of delivering knowledge. Thus talking to them can help them understand the compatibility and comfort on offer. And what exactly is delivered in the name of knowledge. However, before approaching a faculty, a student must study their background and work with care. This study reveals the approach of a teacher towards their subject and students. And also demonstrate the sincerity of a student, helping in sustaining a fulfilling conversation. 

Getting in touch with the alumni 

The alumni of an institute are expected to possess all the necessary first-hand experience a fresher might require during a decision-making process. The alumni of an electrical engineering college are expected to know all the details about the faculties and classes that are administered by them. In addition to that, the inner working and external affairs of an institute can be assessed. The prospect of fake promises and hidden charges can also be evaluated during this process. The professional standing and stature of an alumnus demonstrate the care and passion an institute might have put in a student. 


Having blind faith in the counselling process after qualifying for an entrance test can be detrimental, especially for an enthusiast afraid of being disappointed by the pressure and fraudulence. Studying at an honest and transparent electrical engineering college is not just an opportunity for relevant skill development. A tenure like that can open new avenues of employment for a fresher.