How to choose an electric clothes dryer?

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To dry things quickly and efficiently after washing, you need an electric clothes dryer . Drying time for clothes and bedding does not exceed one and a half hours. After use, the folding design of the dryer is removed behind the closet or in the pantry until the next wash. Convenient and useful equipment does not take up space at all in the house. Perfect for a large family. We tell you how to choose a clothes dryer according to the characteristics proposed by the manufacturer.

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Advantages of an electric dryer

Clothes Airers especially large quantities, has always taken a long time. Hung loggias and balconies, occupied radiators, stretched ropes in the corridor and rooms disfigured the interior and prevented free movement around the house. Everything changed with the invention of the electric dryer. Compact designs operating from a conventional network are regulated by the degree of heating and turned off by a timer. They do not affect the level of humidity in the room, exclude overdrying of linen. Models differ in the area for placing raw things, the installation method, the number of working options.

Benefits of using an electric dryer:

  • one or more work areas;
  • up to two dozen metal rods, which hold more than 10 kg of linen, and the total length of the rods reaches 15-20 m;
  • variability in installation – on the floor, on the wall, under the ceiling;
  • uniform drying – even on a completely filled device, things dry out evenly, at the same time;
  • compactness – the dryer is a folding structure, which when folded has a thickness of 5-7 cm;
  • fasteners for wall and ceiling models are already included;
  • unlike other household appliances, the electric clothes dryer works silently;
  • timer and thermostat allow you to set the desired mode of operation;
  • electric heating eliminates the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in a humid environment.

An electric dryer becomes a great help for families with small children, because when the family grows, the number of washings and the amount of washed clothes increase. The advantages of this drying method are especially noticeable in the cold season and at the end of the heating season.

Is there any danger in using an electrical appliance?

An electric dryer requires compliance with safety rules, like any other electrical appliance. This mainly concerns the wires and connection to the outlet. The heating element itself, present in the design, is reliably protected by silicone insulation. The operating level of heating does not exceed 60 ° with a maximum allowable value of 450 °. Manufacturers must equip products with protective elements. Automatic shutdown occurs when the specified indicators are exceeded or the network does not work correctly. So that the floor structure does not slip, does not move from its place, the legs are made out with rubber or plastic caps-pads.

The disadvantage is the increase in electricity consumption. Although the device consumes no more than 1 kW per hour of operation.

The principle of operation of the electric dryer

The appearance of the electric clothes dryer is consistent with traditional folding and hanging type devices. But the design has a built-in heating element. Any model heats up to a temperature that is safe for adults, children and pets. The range in most cases is 30°-60°. Rods of different thicknesses and lengths allow you to dry bedding, items made of cotton, wool, delicate fabrics. Special hooks on the “wings” allow you to hang shoes, socks, soft toys, accessories.

The design can work 24 hours a day. But it takes about an hour and a half to dry a batch of laundry.

The device should be decomposed, plugged into the network, hung things on the bars. Use the built-in controls or remote control to set the mode. After the drying time has elapsed, all that remains is to carefully put things in piles and put them in the closet.

Choose by installation method

There are only 3 options: with installation on the floor, on the wall and under the ceiling. Ceiling option is great for the bathroom. Wall-mounted does not take up much space, after drying, the device can be raised to a vertical position, pressed against the wall. The most spacious option is floor. Of course, such a dryer takes up space while drying clothes, but is quickly removed after work is completed in a secluded place.

Ceiling structures

Attached to the ceiling, the clothes dryer remains invisible to the eye. Doesn’t damage the interior. Used as needed. Load capacity reaches 30 kg. Such a dryer is suitable for an apartment with standard height of projector ceiling . Too high ceilings make operation inconvenient. An elevator mechanism can facilitate hanging. The rods are lowered to the height of a person, the laundry is placed, the dryer rises again.

wall structures

It looks like a Swedish wall. A kind of ladder is given a horizontal position, linen is hung. Such devices do not differ in capacity. A maximum of 10-15 kg of laundry can be hung.

Floor structures

The most mobile version of dryers. Placed in any room, in the bathroom, on the balcony. The main condition is the availability of free space on the floor and the availability of the mains. When unfolded and filled, it looks rather bulky. But it also holds the largest amount of laundry. Many models have a main drying area and auxiliary “wings” that fold out. Suitable for families who have to wash things often and a lot. You can also check more feature of an electric dryer on

After switching off, the device cools down quickly. After that, it is folded and cleaned in any convenient place (under the bed, behind the closet, in the pantry, in the wardrobe).

Choose by number of features

Electrical equipment heats up to a certain limit and, due to the heat transfer, dries things hung on the bars. In addition to the standard heating function, some models may have other options:

  • timer – the built-in module allows you to distract from the process, eliminates the overdrying of laundry, you just need to set the desired operating time, the device will turn itself off at the specified hour;
  • thermostat – maintains the temperature at a given level, for example, when drying delicate items, it does not allow the device to warm up above 30 °;
  • antibacterial treatment – if the device uses infrared radiation for heating, then in addition to the usual drying of linen, the function of antibacterial treatment is added, the fabric is disinfected.

For ceiling models, an elevator mechanism is relevant, which allows you to lower the bars down and raise the device with linen back to a height.

Features of dryers of different brands

Metal structures are made of aluminum and steel. The first are light weight and relatively low cost. But aluminum is prone to deformation with careless use. The surface may oxidize, blacken. There is a risk of staining the washed things. Steel dryers are more expensive. But the price justifies the strength, resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel devices last longer.

There is a wide range of electric dryers on the market from manufacturers of electrical equipment and household appliances. Let’s talk about the key features of top brands.

  1. The company from Hong Kong produces energy-efficient appliances using its own developments. The brand is constantly expanding its range, making products more accessible to the general consumer.
  2. German brand with production sites in China. Relies on modern design, practicality, safety of use of devices. Dryers of this brand evenly distribute heat, prevent the development of bacteria.
  3. Under this brand, inexpensive compact devices are produced, ideal for small spaces.
  4. Q-tap ​​Breeze. The Chinese brand cares about ergonomics, providing for various addition options in devices of its own production. Invisible when assembled and making it possible to quickly dry a large amount of laundry when fully laid out: this is how Q-tap ​​Breeze electric dryers are characterized.
  5. Royal Berg. Chinese brand that produces a wide range of electronics, household appliances, dishes in different price ranges. The advantages of Royals Berg dryers are the presence of main and additional sections, environmentally friendly manufacturing materials.

The best models of dryers

The rating is headed by electric clothes dryers, which are able to quickly and efficiently dry hung things, combining reliability and low cost. We give examples of the best dryers from our catalog.

Shine ЕБК-8/220

Unlike other dryers, whose base looks like a cross, Shine EBK-8/220 stands firmly on the floor, has a stable wide support. The structure is made of stainless steel. Covers are made of plastic. The model is reliable in terms of combating bacteria. Dries things evenly and quickly. It has an additional working surface in the form of unfolded “wings” with six rods each. It is most in demand for drying clothes in poorly heated rooms.

GRANT GT 505 120W

Very ergonomic and functional model. Suitable for placement in the most cramped conditions. Replaces 8 meters of clothesline. Simple control – only 1 mode, which does not require skills to set the desired parameters before work. It is only necessary to plug in the outlet and hang out the washed things. To prevent the base from scratching the delicate floor covering, the corners of the lower rungs are closed with plastic caps.

Better 10292-А 230W

A very profitable purchase. Triple system. Proven ergonomics. Almost flat design when folded. The mobile model is ideal for small apartments where a large family lives. The total length of the rods is 13 m. It is made of aluminum with an anti-corrosion coating. Additional sections do not heat up, so you can dry things from different fabrics at the same time, combine cotton and silk, wool and synthetics.

Q-tap Breeze (SIL) 57702

Neat design on high legs consists of 18 heated rods. The built-in controller combines a timer and a temperature controller. Control panel with clear symbols and buttons. Reliable folding mechanism. Replaces 15 m of rope. The weight of the device is only 2.5 kg.

Royals Berg GT 3556 230W

The floor structure with class II electrical protection is easy to place in any room of the house, including on the balcony and in the bathroom. Made from aluminium. The heating temperature is stable – 50-55 °. The bars are divided into 8 sections. Evenly distributes heat, fights bacteria. Suitable for damp and cold environments.

Decide on the type of fastening and the required number of links and their price. Based on your needs, choose a dryer. The most convenient models with a thermostat. Such a device allows you to adjust the temperature and drying time, set the optimal mode depending on the fabric.

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