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In the next few weeks, I will share the tools I employ for running my own freelance business. Today, I won’t reveal the most crucial productivity tool inside my tools. It has changed my work habits and, most important, it has increased my earnings.

Let me begin by telling an account of the recent coaching session that I attended with one of my Freelance Web designers. Let’s refer to her as Jennifer. Jennifer was worried about the cost of a service she offered. Jennifer wanted to find out the exact amount she should price.

Being the numbers-oriented person I am I asked her what time she took to complete the specific service. Without hesitation, she replied that it took her “few” hours and she was charged $300.

If you could say that a “few” hours meant three hours, that’s a good gain. However, I had a suspicion that she was working longer than she was aware of. I did a little digging and she confessed that she probably needed about 10 hours to finish the task.

We changed from what Jennifer believed was $100 an hour to just $30 an hour. Still a good amount of money but it also reveals among the most costly errors freelancers make. They don’t keep track of their time.

Actually, it could be the biggest error freelancers make.

IT Professionals of the mango tech are aware that the process of managing my schedule has made the most significant effect on my income. IT Professionals working 60 to 70 hours per week, earning the equivalent of $20 per hour and gives IT Professional Services.

When I began tracking my time, things changed. Since then, it’s taken many years to refine my method and discover the most efficient productivity tools. It has been by far the most difficult habit to establish. However, it has brought benefits. For instance, last month, the project I was working on earned me $157.88 for an hour.

Do I do this on every project? No. Sometimes it’s less, and at other times it’s a little more.

Here’s what I’ve done.

Through my time, I’ve tested a myriad of productivity tools as well as time-tracking tools. Any device that has the ability to start and stop can be used, even an old-fashioned stopwatch.

The most important thing is to monitor your time when you work.

No “guesstimates.”

The accuracy of HTML0 is crucial in your achievement.

Warning: This is not easy. It takes time to develop this habit. You may want to quit. You’ll convince yourself that the tracking of time is taking your time away from work.

This is one of the most common excuses that I have heard: “I’m going to spend 30 minutes a day tracking my time and that is 30 minutes wasted.” The first thing to note is that tracking your time is only going to add 15 minutes at the most and will not add much to your workload. In addition, it will reveal to you that 30% to 50 percent of your time is wasted.

That’s not an error. In the present, you’re taking between 30% and 50 percent of your time doing ineffective or low-income-producing tasks. Monitoring your time can assist you in identifying these wasteful tasks and substitute them with more productive tasks.

Let me explain it another way: If you utilize this particular productivity tool and monitor your time with care for a month, you’ll get a clear picture of how to reduce your work hours and not lose any money. Imagine earning your money and working 9-3 instead of 9-5. You could even take Fridays off completely!

This translates into 52 more holidays per year!

The time-tracking and productivity tool that I currently utilize is Harvest. It’s much more than a simple stopwatch application. It includes a number of bells and whistles, such as organizing time according to client, project, or tasks. It also has invoicing as well as some very robust reporting features. If you’re working with a group and want to keep track of their hours – essential for large-scale projects. A Harvest is a tool for tracking time. Harvest is a time tracking tool mostly for invoices, however, it is also possible to search for an invoicing program that is user-friendly and available online. An invoice door is a great option to try. e-invoice for free  Allows you to create unlimited invoices for your customers absolutely free of charge.