How to bring the Christmas mood back to Germany

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“A ray of light in the dark kingdom”

So the second lockdown in Germany crept up. Crawled, clinging to the velvet caftan of “Vainakhtsman” – Santa Claus. Schools, manufactured goods stores and almost everything in general were closed – except supermarkets, pharmacies and doctors. This is Christmas 2020!

A year ago it was impossible to believe in such a thing. Germany without Christmas markets. Germany without Christmas concerts. The central square of Cologne without a tree and buffoons. The inhabitants of Germany walk as in a dream, in some kind of silent bewilderment, with a dull look on their face, part of which is covered by a mask …

What to do on Christmas Eve when there is a pandemic in the yard? First, believe in the best. I was taught this by my grandmother, who went through two wars. In the 1940s, in a train of horse-drawn carts, which the Germans drove from Ukraine to Germany with forced laborers, instead of food, she gave her newborn daughter a rolled-up piece of bread in gauze. Why in gauze? So that the starving child does not eat the whole lump of bread at once. On herself, on her body, she dried wet diapers. 20 days! And then, in an inhuman, unbearable atmosphere, she believed that all this was only temporary, that everything would be fine. And so it happened. All survived. War is over. This ill-fated pandemic will also end …

Secondly, as the father of the Orthodox Church in Russia once said to me, “the most important thing in life is to build your own church in your soul and only from there to draw strength and faith, even if everything around will collapse. “Your temple in your soul is the place where you alone are the master.” These were his words.

Christmas is not only about the tree, gifts and weekends. Unfortunately, the real meaning of Christmas has become obscured by modern concepts in the world of advertising goods, purchasing goods and pursuing pleasure. If we abstract from the biblical meaning of Christmas, it is still a special time of peace and quiet in the soul, the acquisition of a new meaning of life, new knowledge. Time to visit your parents, time to start from scratch, time to talk heart to heart. By the fireplace with your family you can review old photographs, remember something good from childhood. Do you have a piano, a guitar? Fine! Then wonderful music will also enter your home. Quarantine and lockdown are unable to take away from us a sweet conversation with each other, care, memories, warmth of the soul.

Now I hear from many: “I will not do anything this year for Christmas, since this is the situation with the” covid “, I will not buy a Christmas tree, I will not make gifts …” A huge mistake! Is it possible to give someone the right to take a holiday away from us? Let it not be a holiday on the street, let it not be a concert or a theatrical performance, let it not be frequent visits … But a holiday at home, even in a close circle, will help keep peace in your soul, get away from despair at this difficult time. By the way, despondency and apathy can even raise the temperature no less than from viruses. After all, any sadness, bad mood hits the immune system. Psychologists highly recommend not to cancel the current holiday at home. Observing all the restrictions and requirements, still spend these days with joy.

Therefore, do not deprive yourself of the holiday of Christmas this year. Let this be our “quiet” protest against the pandemic, our unbroken spirit is stronger than any medicine. By the way, military surgeons spoke about this during the Second World War. How strangely strong men, who had lost hope of survival, died before their eyes in hospitals from minor wounds, and how amazingly frail “goners” with a volume of Pushkin survived with truly fatal wounds. Doctors could not find an explanation for this phenomenon.

Germany is a country that has always been considered prosperous and prosperous. The hardships and hardships have long gone from her everyday life, which is why the Germans find it so hard to “fight the pandemic”, restrictions and prohibitions. If the country is bad, then I will not smile at myself or at my neighbor. Is it reasonable? Let everyone answer this question for themselves on Christmas Eve.

The fabulous holiday of Christmas has nevertheless “leaked” to “quarantine” Germany. Around the windows decorated with lights, elegant streets and Christmas trees. Suddenly, a sweet Christmas melody sounds on the radio. May this year, this Christmas, peace, tranquility, hope and faith that everything will be fine in the end come to every family. Remember, in any fairy tale, good triumphs over evil. The main thing is not to lose your own holiday in life. A holiday of harmony in the soul, family happiness, peace, positive thoughts, a kind word and just a good mood.

Peace and love to you, Germany! The Christmas tale will definitely come back to you. But only if each of us creates Christmas in our souls: believe, forgive and love …


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