How much best VPS Hosting cost you?

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Things have their cost and if you want to go below you are cheating. Therefore, as a general rule, I would be suspicious of any hosting below € 4-5 per month. That is the threshold from which I have seen that it becomes possible to provide a quality service.

On the other hand, many providers say in their basic offers that they support PHP applications and MySQL databases, implying that everything is ready to support WordPress applications without any problem.

What they do not count is that the scarce resources of their servers are not going to get anywhere and that nothing else has a few users accessing your blog at the same time (after sharing it on Facebook, for example), the server will go very slow and even fall more than once.
In addition, it happens frequently with these providers that when moving to the “professional” options, the resources are still very fair for what a good VPS hosting needs, not to mention that as if that were not enough, they become expensive.

But as I was saying, you can also buy cheap good quality hosting.
So, you see, the issue is in the fine print.

What hosting to choose: 10 Criteria to choose the most suitable hosting
If you want to hire a good hosting, the first thing is to know which features matter and which do not.
So we are going to talk about each of the features that really matter so that you know how to properly evaluate them when you analyze the offer of a hosting provider.
1. Money-back guarantee
Of all the benefits of hosting, the most important, by far, is that it has a money-back guarantee.
Very simple, because for the reasons that you will see below in the rest of this post, hosting cannot be valued on paper and you may not be happy with your choice. And, in particular, if you hire a hosting below the price range that I recommended before, it will almost certainly happen to you sooner or later.
That is, you will not be able to evaluate the quality of hosting until you hire it. Therefore, there is no choice but to try and in that sense, a money-back guarantee will make it less dramatic if you are not happy with your choice.
2. Page loading speed
The most obvious difference between good and bad hosting is the speed of page loading. Nobody likes a slow loading page and the longer it takes to load, the more likely we are to quit.

The effective speed of your website will depend on two things:
On the quality of the servers and the communications network (Internet access) of your hosting.
The size of your web pages.
The first point is that the hosting provider uses powerful servers, fast storage such as SSD hard drives and, above all, that it does not overload its machines with an excessive number of clients.
The problem is that the providers do not give this data, they can give technical data such as the type of CPUs that their servers use, that they actually use SSD disks, etc. But all this goes to ruin if they put too many clients in the machines and that is a fact that no provider is going to reveal to you.

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