How Kim Jong Un charmed Donald Trump?

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not hesitate to use terms more than flattering to Donald Trump in order to charm him, reveals a book that reveals the correspondence between the two men.

The relationship between the two men has been at the heart of diplomacy between Washington and Pyongyang, fluctuating between insults and threats of war until a declaration of love from the tenant of the White House.

For his new book, the famous American investigative journalist Bob Woodward obtained the 25 letters “never made public so far” that the two leaders exchanged, according to the American publishing house Simon & Schuster.

The book, titled “Rage”, will be released on September 15th. This is a sequel to “Fear, Trump in the White House,” released in 2018.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have met three times, the first time at a historic summit in June 2018 in Singapore.

Addressing Donald Trump using the phrase “Your Excellency,” Kim’s letters are filled with flattery and personal comments, according to excerpts released by CNN.

“Even now, I cannot forget this moment of history when I firmly held your Excellency’s hand in this magnificent and sacred place,” he wrote to Donald Trump on December 25, 2018 about their first meeting in Singapore.

This summit was “a moment of glory which remains a precious memory”, he adds.

However, negotiations over North Korea’s denuclearization have made little progress and have even stalled since the second summit fiasco in February 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

However, that did not prevent him from writing in June 2019: “I also believe that the deep and special friendship between us will act as a magical force”.

Trump also charming

The American president is not left out to describe their exchanges. He regularly praised his relationship with Kim Jong Un, going so far as to say that the two men had “fallen in love”.

“He wrote me beautiful letters, they are wonderful letters. We fell in love, ”the American president said to his supporters in September 2018.

“Only you and I, working together, can resolve the differences between our countries and put an end to nearly 70 years of hostility”, wrote the president.

In the book, Bob Wooward assures us that the CIA has never been able to definitively conclude who the writer of Kim’s letters was, but the intelligence agency considers them to be “masterpieces”.

Bob Woodward is known for his revelations in the Watergate affair, which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974.

The US president has repeatedly tried to discredit Bob Woodward’s previous book, calling it a “joke” and “scam.”

Donald Trump, however, said in January that he spoke with the journalist for this new book.

“I was interviewed by a very, very good reporter,” he said on Fox News.

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