How high should you hang an LCD TV on the wall? – All-Around-The-Home – 2024

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Table of Contents:

  • Eye level is ideal
  • Other considerations
  • Bottom line

Eye level is ideal

For a good picture and clear picture, mount your LCD TV at the same height as your eyes when 

watching from your sofas or chairs. Placing the LCD screen too high or too far below eye level will cause neck discomfort and a blurred image. If you have a large TV and want to sit a little farther back, you should place the LCD screen a few inches above eye level. Mounting a television at eye level provides the highest contrast.

Other considerations

Angled TV mounting brackets allow you to tilt your LCD TV down slightly. Mounting your TV this way allows you to mount it higher on the floor and out of the way without losing focus. When deciding where and how high to mount your LCD TV, you also need to consider light sources. Never mount a television so that light from a window or a bright lamp falls directly on the screen.

Bottom line

Before installing a wall mount, experiment with setting up the room and the screen size. You could mount the TV higher than eye level in order to have more presence in your room, even if the viewing angle is not optimal. Make sure there are studs at your chosen level so you can screw the wall bracket to something. There are no hard and fast rules. Ultimately, you decide on your ideal LCD TV location.

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